Coordinator’s Kit List


Apart from all the usual stuff like laptops and radio’s, a coordinator is quite likely to need the following: 

  • Business cards x 500 (preferably printed but blank if not; use the generic e-mail address, not your own; use the cluster logo, not the agency’s)
  • Stamp kit (for putting your phone number and e-mail address on blank business cards; if you have ever had to write your contact details by hand on each business card, you will appreciate how important this is)
  • Flashdrive (4GB)
  • Neck cord (for laser-pointer and flashdrive as well as ID card)
  • Bicycle bell or similar for attracting attention (bringing the meeting to order)
  • Chewing Gum (adrenaline makes the mouth dry out)
  • Water bottle (and shoulder strap; mine came from Peru)
  • Duct tape (for putting maps and flipcharts on wall)
  • Pointer (sawn off extendable radio aerial)
  • Laser-pointer (if not on slide remote control device – see next item)
  • Powerpoint Slide Remote Control (with laser-pointer if possible; plus spare battery; in belt holder)
  • Marker Pens (4 colours; water-soluble)
  • Marker Pen (black or blue; permanent)
  • Folder (with transparent, detachable sleeves; put in a SOF template, map and relevant inter-Cluster matrices prior to departure)
  • Plastic sleeves (for initial filing)
  • Clipboard (with meeting attendance list and pen holder)
  • Three working pens
  • Highlighter pens (one of which should be yellow)
  • Map pins
  • Sheet of stickers (4 colours; for making initial maps)
  • Machine for printing labels (useful for early map names and filing)

And, if you can, and are particularly anal:

  • A0 map of affected area
  • Flip Chart paper (and easel, if possible)
  • A3 poster with names and contact details of key people
  • Amplifier
  • Valium (to calm the nerves)
This is is a section from Clusterwise 2. Reproduction is encouraged. It would be nice if the author, James Shepherd-Barron, and were acknowledged when doing so.

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